Phenolic Resin for wood adhesive
Phenolic Resin for wood adhesive
Y6420 is a melamine modified high activity thermosetting phenolic resin.Its characteristics are light color, good fluidity, high bonding strength, low free formaldehyde content, good water resistance and good storage property. After curing, the adhesive layer is similar to the wood color, high strength and water resistance, weather resistance, and good mechanical properties. Widely used in laminates, bamboo plastic board, density board and other fields.
Technical Specifications



Solid content


Water tolerance


Gel time


PH value
Y6420Reddish brown liquid14-1842-46≥80030-409.5-11
Y6421Reddish brown liquid17-2542-46≥80040-559.5-11
Y6422Reddish brown liquid27-3545-49infinite25-4011.5-13
Y6423Reddish brown liquid14-1842-46≥80025-409.5-10.5
Y6425Reddish brown liquid35-4550-55≥50025-359.5-11
Y6426Reddish brown liquid15-2548-55≥50030-459.5-10.5

  • 1 This series of products is a liquid resin that prevents splashing
  • 2 Please wear related protective equipment during use to avoid direct contact with the skin.
Packaging and storage
  • 1 This series of products is 1.1t tons of barrel packaging
  • 2 Should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place, beware of broken barrels, and should be used imme
  • 3 Can store up to 3 months at 15°C