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Analysis and Testing Center
Analysis and Inspection Center

  The Analytical Testing Center is a modern comprehensive testing department that integrates inspection and storage of raw and auxiliary materials, sewage detection and monitoring, phenolic resin product monitoring and high-end research and product testing,At present, there are more than 10 inspectors in the center. The center has more than 20 sets of gel permeation chromatograph, gas chromatograph, differential scanning calorimeter, Karl Fischer moisture titrator, Bruker rotary viscometer and various sewage and resin testing equipments. The total value of more than 500 million.To further support the research and development of phenolic resins, the company plans to increase the number of imported detection equipment such as infrared chromatographs, thermogravimetric analyzers, and mass spectrometers, with a total value of more than 3 million yuan.

  Detection is the eye of technology and analysis provides the direction for the technology. Relying on the quality management system, the center will include the inspection of all raw materials into the inspection program and put it on the wall;Sewage detection is conducted in real time to ensure the normal treatment of wastewater, normal operation of the process, and discharge of wastewater up to the standard; product inspection implements dual insurance of central control and terminal inspection to ensure the production of qualified products and product specifications required by customers; high-tech testing equipment is provided for R&D Data support to ensure the rapid development of research and development. At the same time, the center also has the ability to accept the analysis and detection of foreign samples, and welcome all colleagues and customers to sample analysis!