Phenolic Resin for electronic Materials
Phenolic Resin for electronic Materials
Thermoplastic phenolic resin solution is used as a curing agent for epoxy resin. Can bond electronic laminates, improve the heat resistance of their products, and apply to the soldering process of printed circuit boards
Technical Specifications
model Exterior



Solid content


Free phenol


Softening Point


Y1001 Light yellow liquid 1000-1300 65-70 <0.5 95-105 Butanone

  • 1 This product is a liquid resin that prevents splashing.
  • 2 Wear relevant protective equipment during the application process to avoid direct contact with the s
Packaging and storage
  • 1 This product is galvanized iron drum, net weight: 200KG / barrel.
  • 2 Store in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. Be careful not to break the barrel. Use immediately
  • 3 Stores up to 15°C for 12 months.