Phenolic Resin for refractory thermal insulating material
Phenolic Resin for refractory thermal insulating material
Y6552 is a high activity thermosetting phenolic resin, mainly used in rock wool insulation materials. Its characteristics are: hydrophobic toughening modified phenolic resin, high bond strength, good flexibility and water absorption, construction performance, good heat resistance, used in ordinary rock wool insulation material production.
Technical Specifications



Solid content


Free phenol


Free aldehyde


Water tolerance



Application features
Y6550Red-brown liquid40-42≤1.0≤0.5≥20008.0-9.0Continuous line production
Y6552Red-brown liquid39-41≤1.5≤0.5≥5008.0-9.0Intermittent line production
Y6553Red-brown liquid42-44≤1.59.5-11.5≥5008.0-9.0Continuous line production
Y6556Red-brown liquid36-38≤1.0≤0.8≥20008.0-9.0Continuous line production

  • 1 This series of products is a liquid resin that prevents splashing
  • 2 Please wear related protective equipment during use to avoid direct contact with the skin.
Packaging and storage
  • 1 This series of products is 1t tons of barrel packaging
  • 2 Should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place, beware of broken barrels, and should be used imme
  • 3 Can store up to 3 months at 15°C