Phenolic Resin for precoated sand
Phenolic Resin for precoated sand
precoated sand series product shave the characteristics of high strength, low free phenol, fast aggregation speed, and Anti-peeling to shelling. For different castings and different product features, customers can choose to use a single, or a variety of mixed use.
Technical Specifications


Softening Point


Poly speed


Flow length


Free phenol


P230190-9560-8090-110≤1High strength and heat resistance
P240189-9520-3045-652-4Anti-peeling、Medium softening point


20-3030-502-4Anti-peeling、High softening point
P250191-9525-3545-65≤1Fast speed、Medium strength
P260188-9320-3030-500.5-1.5Fast speed、high strength
P290190-9445-6580-110≤1Medium strength、Medium speed
P290291-9570-9090-120≤1Medium strength、Medium softening point
P290383-8870-90120-150≤1high strength、Low softening point
P2903K84-8950-6590-120≤1high strength、Medium speed
P290481-8670-90125-155≤1Ultra high strength
P2904K92-9660-7085-115≤1high strength、Medium speed

  • 1 This product is easy to damp, agglomerate, should be stored in a dry, cool and ventilated place, avo
  • 2 As storage time increases, the color of the resin will darken, but other indicators of the resin wil
Packaging and storage
  • 1 This product packaging net weight: 25KG / bag, 250KG / bag, 500KG / bag.
  • 2 Should be stored in a dry, cool and ventilated place. Be careful not to damage the package. The pack
  • 3 It can be stored for 3 months at 25°C and below.