Phenolic Resin for Friction material
Phenolic Resin for Steel back adhesive
Y6120 phenolic resin liquid is a Steel back adhesive Dedicated thermosetting phenolic resin. Y6121 phenolic resin liquid is an enhanced wear resistant product, widely used in clutch face sheets, brake belts And Steel back adhesive
Technical Specifications
model Exterior



Solid content




Poly speed


Y5124 Light yellow liquid 550-750 64-69 ≤2.0 100-150 Fast drying
Y6120 Red-brown liquid 700-1200 78-82 / 180-300 Environmentally friendly

  • 1 This series of products is a liquid resin that prevents splashing.
  • 2 Please wear related protective equipment during use to avoid direct contact with the skin.
Packaging and storage
  • 1 This series of products is 200kg iron drum packaging or 30kg plastic drum packaging.
  • 2 Should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place, beware of broken barrels, and should be used imme
  • 3 Can store up to 3 months at 15°C