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Zhejiang University-Hangmo Group Industry-University-Research Cooperation Signing Ceremony and 2018 Innovation Project Acceptance Report Meeting Successfully Held


      Recently, the signing ceremony of “Zhejiang University-Hangmo Group Industry-University-Research Cooperation” was successfully held in Hangzhou Motor Group. Prof. Li Bogeng and Prof. Fan Hong from Zhejiang University, Shen Xiaoyin, Chairman of Hangmo Group, and Zhou Dapeng, General Manager, attended the signing ceremony with the representatives of both parties and held the “2018 Innovation Project Acceptance Report Meeting”.

Hangmo Group hired Professor Li Bogeng as the “independent director” ceremony.

“Hangmo Group---Professor Li Bogeng of Zhejiang University” signed a cooperation ceremony of production, study and research.

       Professor Li Bogeng's team said that the two sides make full use of Zhejiang University's technology, manpower and other resources as well as advanced and mature technological achievements, use the company's production conditions, improve the school's scientific research capabilities, and transform scientific research results into productivity as soon as possible. The two sides will use their respective strengths to carry out comprehensive cooperation through various forms, jointly build an innovation system for industry, academia and research alliances, establish a long-term cooperative relationship between industry, academia and research, form a professional and industrial mutual promotion and common development, and strive to achieve "school-enterprise cooperation, industry-university win-win". . Reserve excellent talents for the Hangmo Group.

      Subsequently, the 2018 Hangzhou-Morgan Group Innovation Project Acceptance Report Meeting was held. The Hangmo Group project team developed and produced new products for the use of modified resins, production equipment and technical transformation of conveyor belts, upgrading of thermoplastic phenolic resin, and the development of phenolic resins for bamboo wood and composite flooring. Report on the research background, research content, achievements and accomplishment of task objectives, technological breakthroughs and innovation, and personnel training for phenolic resin, environmentally friendly dust-reducing resin, liquid phenolic resin for insulating materials, and research and development of new products for magnesium catalyzed liquid phenolic resin .


   After the project team reported, the expert group reviewed the relevant information, gave an acceptance opinion on the completion of the project, and agreed to pass the acceptance. The signing ceremony and the report meeting were successfully concluded.