Phenolic Resin for abrasives
Phenolic Resin for Ultra thin Cutting sheet
Ultra thin Cutting sheet as a production technology requires a higher product, the phenolic resin has the same more rigorous choice, for the characteristics of the super-thin film, the development of the product should have a strong adhesive, anti-decay, good stability .
Technical Specifications


Poly speed


Flow length


Tropine content


Free phenol


Application and Product Features
F3620-680-10020-3012-13≤1.5Ultra thin Cutting sheet High durability High pressure process
80-10015-2514-15≤1.5Ultra thin Cutting sheet High hardness High pressure process

  • 1 This product is a powdery resin, dust will appear during use, please wear related protective equipme
  • 2 This product will have a slight agglomeration caused by static electricity, does not affect the use.
Packaging and storage
  • 1 This product is a paper-plastic composite bag, net weight 25kg / bag.
  • 2 Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place. Be careful not to damage the package. Damp the package an
  • 3 It can be stored for 6 months at 25°C and below.