Phenolic Resin for abrasives
Phenolic Resin for Ordinary cutting piece, grinding piece
Ordinary cutting piece and grinding piece are a series of products with large quantities and mature products. The phenolic resin is required to have good stability, strong self-sharpness and resistance to cutting and abrasion, and it also requires certain resistance to decay.
Technical Specifications


Poly speed


Long flow


Tropine content


Free phenol


Application and Product Features
F3620-1 60-90 25-45 12-13 ≤1.5 Thin slice  Medium and low pressure process
80-110 45-55 6.5-7.5 ≤1.5 Grinding sheet Good infiltration


35-45 7-8 ≤1.5 Grinding sheet Self-sharpening
F3620-4 80-110 30-35 9-10 ≤1.5 Large slice,Highly resistant and wear-resistant
F3620-5 80-110 30-35 10-11 ≤1.5 Large slice,High hardness

  • 1 This product is a powdery resin, dust will appear during use, please wear related protective equipme
  • 2 This product will have a slight agglomeration caused by static electricity, does not affect the use.
Packaging and storage
  • 1 This product is a paper-plastic composite bag, net weight 25kg / bag.
  • 2 Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place. Be careful not to damage the package. Damp the package an
  • 3 It can be stored for 6 months at 25°C and below.